Enlighten Whitening

Enlighten tooth whitening is a dental technique where teeth are bleached using a specially designed solution. The results can be dramatic, with teeth transformed from dark and stained to bright and beautiful.

Enlighten whitening procedure

The Enlighten teeth whitening treatment begins with your dentist taking an impression of your teeth in order to create bleaching trays that will fit your mouth perfectly. You will need to wear these trays, filled with the whitening gel every night for two weeks. The day after this period finishes, a one hour deep bleaching treatment is carried out by your dentist to give your teeth a final intensive whitening boost.

How long does Enlighten tooth whitening last?

As with all teeth whitening treatments, regular reapplication is required to maintain the whiteness. The Enlighten system recommends wearing the dental trays for one night every eight weeks. In most cases, this is sufficient to keep teeth remaining bright and white. However, it's still important to follow a healthy dental hygiene regime, and to be aware of the dietary and lifestyle choices that can adversely affect the whiteness of your smile.

After the procedure

The Enlighten teeth whitening treatment is a pain free procedure. However, as with all bleaching processes, some patients may experience mild sensitivity for a few days after the procedure. This minor discomfort can be effectively treated by using the special Enlighten desensitizing swab that is provided by your dentist.